Other Ways to Contribute

Want to contribute, but not sure about becoming a member?  You can still help out Thunder Basin High School Student’s by purchasing a Brick Paver or Activity Locker Tag.  If you are interested you can email the Bolts Booster Club for more information or click on the links below.

email: boltsboosterclub@gmail.com

Brick Pavers

Activity Locker


4x8x2 = $125

8x8x2 = $300

2019 Senior Brick = $75

$100 per tag

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Brick Paver Paper Form

2019 Senior Brick Paver Paper Form


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 *Click link to PRVIEW and DOWNLOAD*

Activity Locker Tag Application

The paver will be located by the front entrance to Thunder Basin High School. The paver will have sandblasted engraving that has a lifetime guarantee.

Sponsors’ name will be placed on a 2″x6″ plate that will go on each locker.

Parents or Business can sponsor any senior and the senior will be placed in those lockers while freshman through juniors are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sponsors have the right to choose which locker group they want their name to go on (e.g. Athletic lockers, Band lockers, and Swimming lockers).

Sponsors will be notified toward the end of the year to see if they want to renew their sponsorship of the locker for the following year.

Pay for Paver or Locker Tag Online